Monday, September 23, 2013

Wedding Bells Bride Joyce

Meet Wedding Bells Bride Joyce. She was dressed by Wedding Bells na alipambwa Wedding Bells Spa & Salon, Mikocheni. Alivaa ball gown (Cinderella style) ya off-white yenye nakshi za mawe mawe na darizi. Gauni yake ina utofauti wa ngazi mbili ukilinganisha na ball gown nyingine zisizo na ngazi. This worked well for her because she is slim, so the dress looked fuller. For her hair and makeup Joyce alitaka urembo kidogo sana machoni and a bright lip.  She also chose an up-do for her hairstyle. These are some of the moments we captured while dressing her and doing her makeup. She looked so sweet & and gorgeous. Enjoy her photos. 

Unfortunately the flower girl fell asleep after dressing so we couldn't take her photo, here's her dress.



  1. 2 words....Drop-dead Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Wow...only one word for her...awesome

  3. we thank the Lord for her beauty.Wish you a happy marriage.

  4. Mnanitamanisha na mie Nikaoe!

  5. wow she'z lovely,i love the make up,the hair do uwii pls where are you wedding bells i'm getting married in four months from now n i think u r the bst for me


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