Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FLARE Magazine Photo Shoot

More on the flare magazine photo shoot... Stylish, Chic, quality, elegancy!!

Dress sold


Just playing creatively

Wicked Fab!!!

Confident sexy !!

shush... its ur secret!!



hope you enjoy the shoot as much as us... Wedding Bells love every detail of it

Special thank to Flare Magazine and Double Tree by the HILTONS.

Wedding Bells SHINES with FLARE Magazine

In this month of October Wedding Bells have been featured in the Flare Magazine pages

dress sold

dress sold

cocktail dresses very few remaining and they are on sale now (for half price)
We clear the shop to start a fresh new year... usichelewe

And we are very proud to be featured in some of the Flare magazine pages.
They have more real stories and many other cool stuff to help you on your wedding day. Find your copy now.

Looking forward for TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE photos... Wedding Bells flying places

Friday, October 22, 2010

November arrival is HERE!!

Phew! This time around everything went on time. Today I receive November arrival! 9 days before November!!

Pictures will follow soon.. And some of more hot stuff appears on FLARE Magazine. (Did you buy your copy of the FLARE Magazine this October?)

What is different in this arrival??

This is our final arrival for this year. Christmas is Coming and we will make 25% DISCOUNT on any dress if someone will pay the dress cash at one time. Meaning (Ukilipa yote mara moja unapata 25% discount!) This is our biggest punguzo la bei ever happen @ Wedding Bells and it is because we are closing the year.

So to my entire waiting list brides the time is N.O.W.

For custom made dresses we can order any time of the year so no worries.. (wale wanaopenda ku-order nguo kutoka kwenye catalogue yetu huduma ipo kila siku ya mwaka)

As usually our dresses are so very nice, high quality and each piece got its unique taste.

Something not to be missed!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Joyce and Elihuruma Wedding

A picture can SAY a thousand words......   

It is was another beautiful day when our beautiful bride Joyce and her lovely husband said their vows in front of God, friends and family

Bride was dressed by Wedding Bells head to toe...

 Looking gorgeous in her Cinderella dress

Wedding Bells is very happy to be in your memories and make your dream day comes true

 Congratulations on your married... May God fill your life with love always

Wedding Bells loves YOU

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brenda's Wedding

Beautiful bride Brenda is also among the brides who shine this year with a fabulous dress from wedding bells

She wore a custom made dress of her choice 


 A mermaid figure hugging style which went well with her perfect curvy figure

 She is looking dazzling beautiful in this number

The girls are gorgeous rocking too :)

May almighty bless your married, fills you with love, cute kids and prosperity

Wedding Bells loves you

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Bells choice of the month

...this is direct from majuu.. the 2011 style. Follow the website on the picture for more 2011 gowns

What we mean about clean and classy... chic and elegant

You Can order similar dresses from us... karibu

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Arrival.............October

First we would like to thank DOUBLE TREE by HILTON Dar es Salaam for providing us their spectacular space for this amazing photo shoot.

Model- Beautiful Bella
Photographer- Wedding Bells
Venue- Double Tree by Hilton Dar es Salaam

Enjoy our new arrival….. it is hot, Chic and Elegant

Chelsea Clinton inspired gown

Kardashian inspired gown

A-line gown below will provide you with the smallest waist ever!!

Fabulous V-back and lace shealth gown

Cinderella for that fairy-tale inspired bride

This gorgeous number below was just taken after a photo shoot

A very clean raffle inspired gown.. love it!!

Cinderella dress for a princess

Visit our exclusive boutique for more gown choices

Experience your honeymoon with a fabulous new in town five star hotel by staying at Double Tree by Hilton Dar es Salaam. Call +255 22 2210 000 or visit http://www.doubletree.com/

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