Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jennifer and Jimmy's Wedding- reposted

Beautiful Wedding Bells Jennifer tied the knot last month with her sweetheart Jimmy

awwww so clean and classy! love the hair do! 

Jeniffer is dressed by Wedding Bells 

...looking absolutely gourgeous with a pearled tulle Cinderella dress perfect for a princess!! 

Church time 

...said their vows...


beautiful decor they enter..

..the cake..

...champagne... harusi aliibarikia ya kwake maana kila meza ilikuwa na champagne yake..


the dance.. 

Picture Moments
the groom-A million dollar smile 

the bride- gorgeous 

together- beautiful couple 

the team.. 


..flower girl dress is also from Wedding Bells..

May God the Almighty protect your marriage and give you joy you deserve 

..for fabulous quality Cinderella dresses...only @ Wedding Bells!! 

Wedding Bells Loves YOU



  1. very beautiful,..hongera jimmy and jennifer. the wedding was fabulous..u hav reminded me of ours(me and my wife)..wish i can turn back the hand of time to that date again and again....wishing u two a blessed new life,that u hv just started...
    hongera Doreen for making these two shine this way...

  2. Jamani this wedding is so nice. The bride is so happy you can see it in her eyes. As a wedding lover I would advice brides to wear less things and keep their looks clean. Yani huyo dada kapendezaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Alafu they took their photos in natural areas vs in a studio, so the photos look so real and the backgrounds are fabulous.


  4. yaani they look marvelous jamai......I wish I could have such a wedding...


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