Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tip: Styles of Birdcage Veils or Vibandiko kwa biharusi

Wedding veil is one of many important wedding accessories for the brides. From many wedding veils, CAGE VEIL is very unique and stylish type. It looks like a cage for the birds. This type of wedding veil is short and usually covers the area in the eyes, nose, and chin.

There are four identified styles of which you can wear your Cage veil

BLUSHER VEIL- a fuller veil, it is often placed at the crown of the head, where it is gathered, and the length covers the face, often down to the bride's chin, or even below. The blusher birdcage can create a kind of halo effect, and often encircles the bride's head.
Blusher Veil- covers the whole face often to the chin

ANGLE VEIL - A veil that comes to just below the bride's eyes, it can be worn further back on the head, or set at an angle to cover only part of the bride's face.
Angle Veil- Just below brides eyes 

BANDEAU VEIL- almost like a mask, the bandeau style veil covers the bride's eyes or her entire face. The bandeau birdcage veil is fastened at each side of the bride's head with combs or hairpins. The bandeau birdcage veil is a lovely option for brides with short hair, or who will be wearing their hair down for their wedding day.
Bandeau Veil- Covers the entire face

WEDGE VEIL- Placed at the side of the head or at the temple, the wedge veil is a birdcage veil that covers only one eye
....like Maznat above- Wedge Veil- Covers one eye
NOTE: The style of the Cage veil can be put into place at the salon. When buying these cage-veils most of the time the veil sizes are the same. Asks your hair stylist to style/pin you the way you want.
Its time to rock your head too... more than 101 cage veils  and normal veils will be at our boutique this July.
 Credits: sugar and spice blog for the type/Style of Cage veil



  1. Thanks for posting this article. Those veils are really beautiful. The different styles are fabulous and I'd love to wear even just one of those veils.


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