Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Bells Bridal Boutique Facebook Page

Click the link then click LIKE to join our new facebook page and let’s get started! 2011 is the year of making it happen.

Don’t bring others down!! ENCOURAGE, LOVE AND SUPPORT 

May New Year shower happiness and success that you deserve!

Wedding Bells share the love to everyone reading this.

Have a blessed Year 2011!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wedding Bells wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is that time of the year we share love to one another and spread peace and happiness throughout the world.

As we are winding up the year 2010, let’s look of what we archive as a success and what we didn’t as challenges and ready to tackle them in the next year.

Do not forget that love and kindness raise the soul.

Merry Christmas to all our beloved readers and customers!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mange's Wedding

Beautiful bride Mange celebrated her wedding in November this year

looking like an angel- deadly gorgeous :-)

She wore a custom made dress of her choice (she came with her picture and we bring exactly what she wanted)

With her elegant bridemaids, together they shine :)

Groomsmen were not behind they shined too

                Love the flower girls very cute with their natural hair

Congratulation on your wedding Mange

          May Almighty fill your marriage with love and peace always

Wedding Bells loves you

Friday, December 17, 2010

Neema's Wedding

Our very own beautiful bride Neema celebrated her wedding in Mbeya Town Nov this year

She is looking absolute gorgeous

The neckline of this dress is what makes the whole dress unique stunning

Bride rock Mbeya town indeed!

fab bride, fab dress!

         May Almighty fill your marriage with everlasting love and joy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neema Send Off

Beautiful bride Neema celebrated her send off in Dar es Salaam Nov this year

looking gorgeous indeed

Pictures just after make up at Maznat bridal Salon.. fabulous faces!

Bride and Matron both rock with raffled dresses

Very Many Congratulations Neema- Wedding Bells loves you

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Belted Wedding Dresses is our Choice of the month- December

It was an important day for all of wedding business society all over the world to see what Chelsea Clinton will wear on her wedding day. And she set the trend by shinning with Vera Wang belted Cinderella dress on 31st July 2010.
Note: Pictures from

Until April next year for Prince William and Kate wedding this is the style to die for...

also a  belted mermaid dress from Vera Wang beautiful bride Khoe Kardashian rock it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bridal Bouquet

Wedding flowers are an integral part of your wedding day, ranging from bridal bouquet, bride maids flowers, groom and groomsmen flowers, centre piece flowers, reception flowers, table flowers, ending to your honeymoon room flowers!

WHY & WHEN – Wedding flower comes centuries ago, during that time they use to add herbs and buds of garlic in the bridal bouquet, the belief was herbs and garlic will prevent any evil spirits which may be a threat to the future.

If you opt for a traditional bride look go with white or cream or red roses, gardenia, lilies, or orchids

White roses

Red roses

Below- Irene Mwongeli flower bouquet

Below- Chelsea Clinton flower bouquet

White gardenia bouquet

white and apple green gardenia bouquet

Head pieces bridal flower-gardenia

White and Purple orchids

White Orchid

If you go for contemporary bride look choose flowers like roses of other colours than the above, lilies, tulips, sunflower, gerberas or incorporate any vegetable or fruits flowers in your traditional bouquet, e.g. bright red chilies or cluster of berries.

Peach roses

Nice mix of white, pink and yellowish roses

Blue roses

Mango Calla-Lily

White Calla-Lily

Red Calla lily

deep purple Calla-Lily


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