Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In The Saturday Citizens News Papers

We appear in the catwalk page of the Saturday Citizen’s news papers on 22nd this month… and here is what we featured in..
and then.....

and then....

Here is only a tease… Come see our available stock and look chic on a special occasion you are going to attend ;)

For outing dadas also can get some good stuff at our building

All pictures taken just outside our shop... lovely people and lovely stuff... Wedding Bells thanks all who participated!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Christina's Kitchen Party

We were all waiting for her... and she arrived like this :))

Happy moments for the ladies… singing

Then she walks inside and the sisters pick her up for a company… they all look lovely

Celebration and good times…. It was just a lovely fabulous day… the ladies, the songs, the dance and the presents!! amazing.

Wedding Bells dresses Christina- the dress and accessories

My dear you have got lovely sisters... nawapenda sana

Wedding Jewellery – Necklace, Earrings and bracelets

Tip- No mater how beautiful your jewellery is, if it’s not suited to your wedding gown neckline it will never look quite right!!

Ranging from pearls, rustic, silver or gold craftsmanship pieces wedding jewellery is the accessory need to be picked correct. Select simple and clean design. Matching pieces should be a major goal to create a classy and elegant look in you.

For those with extra class, pearl necklaces or themed jewellery is the style to go for. Pearls are jewellery that symbolizes grace and beauty, it has been an edge of beauty since ancient times, but choose your pearls with a modern twist to it.

Choosing silver or gold accessories also entails your choices on the colours and other accessories like veil and your dress type. Like red colour will shine more with gold accessories, while aquamarine will adapt more with silver colour.

Make a statement on your jewellery details by matching small details in your dress, veil, tiara, bridal purse or even a minor detail in your wedding shoes will also create a classy and elegant look.

Our brides celebrate these minor details on every piece they pick from our boutique.

Remember wedding jewellery is about more than just creating an image; it is about sharing a piece of your personality.

Pictures of our jewellery will follow soon next week… Karibuni

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Victoria's Wedding

Princess Victoria and her soul mate tie the knot on 25th April this year at Azania Front Dar es Salaam.

Her dresses was customized especially for her (She select and we bring exactly want she wanted) ….she is looking amazing beautiful.

Wedding colours were red and gold... lovely ladies

Bride was dressed by Wedding Bells head to toe and makeup by Maznat Bridal Salon

We love you Victoria, Mungu awape maisha ya furaha na baraka tele.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinderella Wedding Gown

Cinderella wedding gown is a fantasy wedding gown for a fairytale wedding. Cinderella’s have survived many years (centuries) and are still in many brides’ dream wedding gowns. They are never go out of fashion.

Cinderella is a fantasy gown we live with since our childhood. Do you remember when your mom dresses you in that’s stunning little dress and everyone was wowed! ….Also most of us who like romantic stories movies; the Cinderella story makes every woman wants to meet that prince charming. So Cinderella has been in girls mind from childhood to date.

Cinderella’s dresses are a combination of a ball gown skirts and A line top. When you wear this type of dress be sure to create a royalty look as well as ecstasy.

Come try our available stock at Wedding Bells and many more dresses are coming this May.

Karibu sana



MORE CINDERELLAS' are COMING THIS MAY... this is just a taste of it

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