Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bridal Bouquet

Wedding flowers are an integral part of your wedding day, ranging from bridal bouquet, bride maids flowers, groom and groomsmen flowers, centre piece flowers, reception flowers, table flowers, ending to your honeymoon room flowers!

WHY & WHEN – Wedding flower comes centuries ago, during that time they use to add herbs and buds of garlic in the bridal bouquet, the belief was herbs and garlic will prevent any evil spirits which may be a threat to the future.

If you opt for a traditional bride look go with white or cream or red roses, gardenia, lilies, or orchids

White roses

Red roses

Below- Irene Mwongeli flower bouquet

Below- Chelsea Clinton flower bouquet

White gardenia bouquet

white and apple green gardenia bouquet

Head pieces bridal flower-gardenia

White and Purple orchids

White Orchid

If you go for contemporary bride look choose flowers like roses of other colours than the above, lilies, tulips, sunflower, gerberas or incorporate any vegetable or fruits flowers in your traditional bouquet, e.g. bright red chilies or cluster of berries.

Peach roses

Nice mix of white, pink and yellowish roses

Blue roses

Mango Calla-Lily

White Calla-Lily

Red Calla lily

deep purple Calla-Lily




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