Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Veils shines with the Citizens paper of 31st July

I wrote about Wedding Veils before BUT I think will be nice if I repeat the same article for the sake of my veil pictures addition.

Tip- A wedding veil should represent that signature look of yours.

If it is a flyaway, Elbow or another type.....

Wore as an accessory to your hair style or as an enhancement to your dress or just as an excuse to add glamour in your day, wedding veil is important part of your wedding wardrobe to complete that signature look of yours and enhance your style.

When should you shop for your wedding veil
A perfect time to choose your wedding veils is after selecting that exquisite dress for your perfect day. Choose your hair style and lastly go and purchase that glamorous veil that will make people turn their head when you walk down the aisle.

Wedding veils and where they came from
In ancient times of Hebrew and Romans wedding veils were worn by brides to bring good luck, present purity and for protection against evil spirits on the wedding day. During traditional times like these, wedding ceremonies were arranged by the groom’s and the bride’s families and therefore the bride and the groom were not allowed to see each other until their wedding day, as it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding day. For more details see:

Today wedding veil is something important to complete the total look of your wedding wardrobe. Choose according to your dress type and style.

Types of wedding veils see the picture below (Adapted from

Wedding Bells we have more than 101 pieces of veils for you to choose from.



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