Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bridal Purses

What is the bridal purse?

Is that a little bag every bride needs to have for an emergency which can happen during wedding day. Let say you got all in a list, your wedding gown, your ring, shoes, veils, gloves hairpins and your wedding tiara with me you are not yet done shopping until you have that little bridal purse.

Why should a bride have a bridal purse?

Bridal purses make an excellent accessory for every bride. It adds glamour and it brings confidence as it will help you in the time of need. It is a place where you can toss your private item like makeup kit, pads, handkerchief and most important painkillers.

Remember that day it is you the princess and you will be standing for hours may be you will need a bit of pain killers to help boost your legs ;)

What to do?

Also remember it is not necessary for a bride to carry a bridal purse when she walks down the isle. At this time any your accompany flower girls or bride maids can do it for you.

But if it is made to fit your dress you can also walk with it.

At the reception you can mingle with your purse and make the use of it when you need.

How to choose?

Select a trendy and classy bridal purse or clutche to compliment your dress, event and accessories and make a bold statement during your special day.



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