Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wedding Bells New Arrivals June

Wedding Bells has now opened a new exclusive branch in Oysterbay Dar Free Market. Jengo jipya juu lina cinema na lina samaki anamwaga maji near DSTV and Kenya Embassy.

We are so excited to share with you some of the fabulous pieces we have in the store.Here are 5 pieces dresses just for the tease some more pieces will put next Monday. ...and to see many more dresses visit our boutique in Oysterbay or Mwenge.

Our shoot theme: Zanzibar feel
Model: Prisca
Photographer: Lifestyle Photography
Location: Kunduchi Beach Hotel (Guys i must say go there for your honey moon, wedding, wedding photos, etc) It is beautiful...

Note: All dresses differs in details... the magic its all in the details!! (anagalia vizuri)

First look

Second Look

Third look

..this dress is sold..

Fourth Look 

Fifth Look 

Wahi duka letu jipya la oysterbay kuna nguo nyingi sana za kuchagua, hizi ni chache tuu.



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