Friday, April 11, 2014

Bridal Makeup by Wedding Bells Tanzania

We've enjoyed working with Prisca this week. Such a lovely little lady. We can't wait for your wedding ;). Here are some photos from our makeup and dress photoshoot to close off the week. More photos coming later today and on Monday.

Kwa maharusi na warembo hizo nywele alizosuka Prisca zinapatikana Spa na Salon kwetu Mikocheni. Ni Peruvian weave candy curl 18 inches. Call 0765 738 838 to get yours. 

Hair and Makeup: Wedding Bells Spa, Mikocheni
Photographer: Meku Productions
Model: Prisca
Dress: Wedding Bells - April 2014 Send-off Collection


Hizi nilizipiga wakati photographers wakipiga zao. Prisca rocked the shoot! I am waiting for more pictures...

....and below are more shots from Meku



  1. Nice wedding dress and makeup done which suits bride very much. So beautifully dressed


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