Monday, June 17, 2013

Frida Kaduma and Sunday Isdory's Wedding

We are very happy and honored to dress Frida and Sunday on their wedding day. We fell in love with the couple, they have the best values i know and very down to earth. Here is their wedding photo story... enjoy! 

Frida wore a pearled raffled Cinderella wedding gown from Wedding Bells 2013 collection 

Looking sweet gorge! 

Isdory wore a black tuxedo from our men collection 

..looking smart

leaving the church... 

Picture Moment 


May the Almighty gives joy and a happy family

Wedding Bells loves YOU!



  1. this is just what i was looking for your thoughtful disection of the issues gives an amazing understanding of what the actual real issues are here and you get to the heart of the issue


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