Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Arrivals February @ Wedding Bells

Here we go again! Latest design of Wedding gowns :- beautiful and  flattering, sweet and gorgeous, mermaid and princess cut dresses have arrive at your one and only store ya kuaminika- Wedding Bells.... si ya kukosa
Model Lauren...all the way from Canada!!

...akikukumbusha we are now in Mwenge only!! barabara ya Africa sana/TRA

Trust us in the very best quality dresses by which you cant find anywhere else in Tanzania

Do not miss.....Nguo ni nyingi za kila aina... More pictures to follow! the mean time wahi sasa @ Wedding Bells



  1. The principle aim of this blogger is to inform and educate the people regarding outfits for bride and this blog has described everything in the best possible manner.


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