Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yemi Kosibah- Renowned African Couture Designer

Mjue Yemi Kosibah- one of the finest African designer... He is Nigerian born but living and working in UK.
Always i am impressed with his couture wedding gowns... Even before Sarah Button made that magic dress for Princess Kate, Some of Kosibahs' real brides already wore similar sleeve-lace design.
Bride: Aluna- wed in London 2008

Yemi getting the bride ready...

Bride: Onyeka- Wed in Nigeria January, 2011

Yemi...akimvisha biharusi wake 

and then- Princess Kate: Wedding 29th April 2011
...Way ahead Yemi, keep up the good work!!



  1. Dear Doreen, thank you very much for featuring my gowns on your blog and for your kind words about my work. It's very much appreciated.
    Yemi Osunkoya (Kosibah)

  2. Dear Yemi, i am very happy to receive your comment, i am a big fan, both on Facebook and your site. People called to ask those dresses with lace after i just posted your dresses :-)

    We are having a Wedding Fair tomorrow 30th, 31st and 1st... Karibu for the fair in Tanzania in the coming years



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