Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nargis Wedding Preparations

A very gorgeous bride Nargis on her wedding preparations...

...accessories and shoes to die for... looooove them!!

....dressing time :-)

Eunice from Wedding Bells akimvalisha biharusi...

Below: nikimalizia and make sure the dress will hold properly the whole night 

Gorgeous bride ready for bling bling and to finish her makeup...   

....then ni mwendo wa pearls, pearls, pearls akisaidiawa na Eunice

 dada Kibe doing her thing....

Beautiful bride ready to go.... She posses for few pictures for us
With her lovely daughter.... how cute!!

Stunning dress!!

Stunning bride!! 

 do you see the laces... its tulle and laces baby... Kim Kardashian inspired 

 looking deadly gorgeous...

We love you Nargis....go enjoy your night...



  1. The dress was fabulous, Make-up nice, accessories and shoes was also nice. Congrats Nagris and May God guide you on your bells nice job

  2. hili gauni zuri sanaaaa... wedding bells i must come for this dress when i get back to tz
    good job

  3. Hongera Nargis ulipendeza sana..!!!Wedding bells naweza kupata wapi hiyo tiara na hizo accessories alizovaa kweney harusi?? Naolewa mwezi ujao msaada.


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