Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upendo Kimbe Send off

Beautiful Wedding Bells bride Upendo on her send off party

Upendo dress is from Wedding Bells.. A stunning blue satin and organza decorated with beads
....looking beautiful indeed
....cutting the tape....
then everyone's' in...
....short introduction...
..my lovely sister and best friend (Upendo's words)
the cake... sweeet 
the decor... 

the dance....
....love this one below, with her father :)
and more dance...
Namtafuta mume wanguuuu, namtafuta mume wanguuuuu... 
...a present from husband to be... lovely
here we go....
Heartiest congratulations on your send off
Wedding bells loves YOU



  1. This is Great.
    Abraham a.ka Ba Mdogo

  2. The event was great, may all be blessed.
    But one comment, I think the fact that 'a bride to be' and flower girls are completely in outfits of the same colour doesnt look that good.. They need to be differentiated jamani, looh! Hata kwenye pictures unapata shida kumtafuta mtarajiwa ni yupi na wasindikizaji ni wapi.
    We shuld sometimes take some exapamles from our fellows Nigerians from bella naija website.
    Just to comment


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