Monday, June 6, 2011

Loveness and Everest Wedding

It was a wonderful wedding happened in Arusha town May this year, between our beautiful bride Loveness and her handsome groom Everest is in the air... 

......a lovely couple indeed

Mambo ya A town :) nice

while in the church... both looking good

they said their vows

....A town, so clean....

Loveness is dressed by Wedding Bells, she wore a stunning organza raffled/draped dress decorated with lace and pearls

looking absolute gorgeous

....this handsome charming groom is working at Zantel... just a stone throw away from Wedding Bells ;-)

looking beautiful...

We can't get enough of the bride!!

.....she is just gorgeous!!

Wedding Bells wishes you love, joy and a lot success in your marriage

We love YOU



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