Saturday, May 28, 2011

TIP:- Ring Bearer

Ring bearer adds glam in the wedding accessories. It is precious part of your wedding accessory by which you can express your feeling in a different way. Add some words like I love you, be mine forever, am forever yours, etc in the bearer
Treasure chest ring bearer

 Usually the best man carry a ring for the bride and matron carries groom ring as it makes easier for the wedding couple to exchange rings at the ceremony.
White min-heart ring bearer pillow

 But in case of a ring bearer involved both rings can be attached to the fine strings on the bearer and placed on the table for the wedding couple to pick and place on the fingers of their partner when they told to do so.
Mid-night rose Ring bearer pillow
butterfly ring bearer pillow.. butterfly is the symbol of love
Anchor ring bearer pillow
Dog Ring bearer pillow...(i don't think this happens in Tanzania, but abroad some people loves their pets to be included in their wedding and here the dog will carry the ring and go to the alter)
Beautiful rose on the pillow
You can create your own ring bearer or you can buy one from Wedding Bells 
We make them in each color and style



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