Friday, October 22, 2010

November arrival is HERE!!

Phew! This time around everything went on time. Today I receive November arrival! 9 days before November!!

Pictures will follow soon.. And some of more hot stuff appears on FLARE Magazine. (Did you buy your copy of the FLARE Magazine this October?)

What is different in this arrival??

This is our final arrival for this year. Christmas is Coming and we will make 25% DISCOUNT on any dress if someone will pay the dress cash at one time. Meaning (Ukilipa yote mara moja unapata 25% discount!) This is our biggest punguzo la bei ever happen @ Wedding Bells and it is because we are closing the year.

So to my entire waiting list brides the time is N.O.W.

For custom made dresses we can order any time of the year so no worries.. (wale wanaopenda ku-order nguo kutoka kwenye catalogue yetu huduma ipo kila siku ya mwaka)

As usually our dresses are so very nice, high quality and each piece got its unique taste.

Something not to be missed!!



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