Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Jewellery – Necklace, Earrings and bracelets

Tip- No mater how beautiful your jewellery is, if it’s not suited to your wedding gown neckline it will never look quite right!!

Ranging from pearls, rustic, silver or gold craftsmanship pieces wedding jewellery is the accessory need to be picked correct. Select simple and clean design. Matching pieces should be a major goal to create a classy and elegant look in you.

For those with extra class, pearl necklaces or themed jewellery is the style to go for. Pearls are jewellery that symbolizes grace and beauty, it has been an edge of beauty since ancient times, but choose your pearls with a modern twist to it.

Choosing silver or gold accessories also entails your choices on the colours and other accessories like veil and your dress type. Like red colour will shine more with gold accessories, while aquamarine will adapt more with silver colour.

Make a statement on your jewellery details by matching small details in your dress, veil, tiara, bridal purse or even a minor detail in your wedding shoes will also create a classy and elegant look.

Our brides celebrate these minor details on every piece they pick from our boutique.

Remember wedding jewellery is about more than just creating an image; it is about sharing a piece of your personality.

Pictures of our jewellery will follow soon next week… Karibuni



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